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web development

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With over 15 years in the advertising industry, Central Coast AdWorks develops crisp, story-telling ads for the print market.

We listen to you.
I know, it’s a novel concept, but it’s true!
We bring experience, deep skill sets and a desire to help get your message to new customers. You are our customer.
We aren’t happy till you are.


Full color and professional. Developing your personal spin on your special product is Central Coast AdWorks’ especiality.
With over 15 years of ad development, creating catalogs, brochures and press releases, we know we can help you.
That’s what it is all about.
No hype, spin or crazy jargon.
We will listen to you, work with you and deliver the goods.


A fun word that seems innocent enough.
The word hardly seems to represent the blood, sweat and tears that go into the development of each and every attempt at defining a product, business or new venture all in one tight little bundle. We do them all the time . . . Happy to help take the pain out of the process for you.

business cards

Business cards: 10pt, 16pt sturdy, impressive cards with full color printing on both sides. We can print glossy, matte, satin or spot UV coating.
Add some pizazze to your cards, make the right impression.
One price for design and printing.


illustrations & designs

Watercolors. Pen & Ink. Opaque Watercolors. Oils. Acrylics.
Name your poison.
Tom Marcotte earned his undergraduate degree in Illustration at CSULB.  He went on to earn his masters degree in art for illustration and design from CSUF.  Flexible and visually descriptive, Central Coast AdWorks can provide illustrative support to any project. Developing special designs are a unique part of our work.


brochures and rack cards

full color and professional –
Looking for bi-fold, tri-fold, multi-page brochures?
We design and print everything for you – and we come to you, at your convenience to discuss layout, your needs and timetables. Local growers, bed & breakfasts, tasting rooms and international companies alike all receive the same, personal and direct attention.

Rack Cards too:
4×9, 4.25×5.5, 5.5×8.5, 3.667×8.5, 8.5×11 etc ad nauseam . . .
Endless possibilities await you in the world of rack cards and postcards!
Direct mailers, leave behinds, announcements, show and event flyers and more.
We’ll work with you from start to finish to create vivid, rich and even complex designs to get your message across!



full color – 8 pages to 10,000 page documents!
Full Color Publishing!
We have many excellent publishing venues for you and your projects! We can provide consulting, sales, graphic design and printing for your publications!
We can help you design your next project from 10 pages to 10,000 pages.
Call us to day to find out more.



Central Coast AdWorks has over 20 years of photographic service.
Specializing in portraits, special settings with groups and spontaneous shoots in the field are welcome. We have built a photo morgue of over 1,000 photos of people and events on reserve. We also have a flair for wildlife, exotic pets and local fauna, we have built a photo morgue of over 5,000 animal photos on reserve.
Need your product photograped professionally?
Want the art print ready as hi-res tiffs or cut eps files and web ready art as a jpg, transparent png or gif? We can make it happen.
Featuring high quality Canon cameras and lenses and lots of experience.
We work hand in hand with Real Estate professionals, Bed & Brekafasts, Wine Tasting Rooms and Retailers throughout the San Luis Obispo area.


The Importance of High Quality Letterhead. . .

You’re ready to present your practice to potential clients, groups and the rest of the community. Central Coast AdWorks is eager to help you with this vital ingredient to your success.
You know quality letterhead when you see it, when you feel it and when you write on it.
It’s the weight and color of the paper.
It’s the ease with which it glides through your printer and under your pen.
It’s the perfect showcase for your logo.
It’s an important part of your corporate identity.

Let Us help you present yourself, your work – your business – professionally and beautifully.